Tips To Take Care Of Skin In Summer?

Whether you are a fan of sunbathing under the summer sun or prefer to keep your
sensitive skin away from its rays, summer’s intense heat and humidity bring a wave of
skin challenges for us all. Oily skin is a common problem during summer as the
sebaceous glands in your skin work extra hard to prevent dryness from dehydration.
Unfortunately, your pores also open during this process, which can trap dirt and
bacteria, leading to pimples and acne. Over-exposure to the summer sun also leads to
tanning, hyperpigmentation of melanin in your skin, and premature aging. However, in
the worst-case scenarios, too much sun can be pretty harmful; it is the risk of
melanoma, skin cancer, and cataracts.

And if you think skin damage occurs only outdoors, then you are wrong. Your skin dries
out when you spend the most time in an air-conditioned room. In this blog, we’ve got
the top ten skin care tips for summer so that you have soft, glowing skin all season!

Change Your Face Wash

Before applying anything to the skin, the first step in any skincare routine is to clean to
achieve healthy skin. Choose lighter, non-foaming cleansers rather than thick, foamy
facewash. You can select facewash according to your skin type from Asali Himali’s range of
facewash for more refreshing and light for summers.

Exfoliate For Soft Skin

In our previous blog, we have explained the benefits of exfoliation. Summertime is the
best season to get rid of the dead skin cells that would otherwise settle on the skin’s
surface, giving it that rough appearance. Use our face and body scrubs a couple of times
a week. However, avoid over-exfoliating since it can damage delicate facial skin.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is essential in all seasons and is a must for summer. A good sunscreen can
prevent fine lines and other signs of premature aging. If you don’t go outside and are
working from home, don’t think it is not necessary to wear sunscreen. Always apply
sunscreen to all parts of the body exposed to the sun evenly to protect yourself from
harmful UV rays while staying inside.

Take Care of the Rest of Your Body

Summer gives a hard time not just face’s skin but also on the body as excessive sweating
is inevitable. The body becomes a perfect place for harmful germs and bacteria to breed
with excessive sweating. So keep your body cool and hydrated by showering. Then,
choose anti-bacterial body soaps that provide vitamin C for your skin. This is where
Asali Himali’s body soaps come into frame. Please select one from our various range of
body soaps
that caters to every need of your body skin during summer.

Cut down on Makeup

Skin goes through a lot in summer. Makeup clogs pores and doesn’t allow the skin to
breathe correctly, leading to breakouts. It is best to use light makeup that doesn’t close
the pores with moisturizer and sunscreen in the summer.

Conscious Diet

What you consume is just as important as what you apply to the skin. Include water-
a rich diet such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed food. Choose foods enriched
with natural ingredients. You can choose from Asali Himali’s wide range of Himalayan
ingredients and food products if you like. And don’t forget to hydrate yourself by
drinking water, as it is the most critical ingredient for healthy, hydrated skin.