How To Exfoliate And Take Care Of Skin?

Spring is here! It's time to say goodbye to the damaging frost of winter and let your skin replenish itself in the pleasant sunshine. No more bulk of heavy woolens wearing down your skin. Let's start exfoliating away all the roughness and flakiness built throughout winter using our body scrubs and letting your skin bloom and glow.

Before going into the details of exfoliating, we have to have a clear idea of what's exfoliating and what's the importance of body scrub in the process. In the elementary term, exfoliation removes old dead skin cells. It allows brighter, more transparent, and deeper penetration of skincare products. Exfoliation is about cleaning your skin, but if done too much, it does hamper the layers of your skin. For your weekly regiment's exfoliation process, in this blog, we have included the steps and products that involve do's and don'ts that are healthily suited for your skincare. 

First of all, exfoliate the face: Reaching for a grainy facial scrub from a spa every week can be a time-consuming process. If that scrub is chemically rich, it may also irritate or cause micro-tears in the skin. So, what can be the alternative option to have a spa-like treatment at home when exfoliating your face? Use our Rhododendron-infused body and face scrub mixed with Himalayan Pink Salt, Besan, Rice Flour, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, and Honey to slough away dead skin. With various arrays of ingredients, you must be wondering what each one does? Rhododendron grows in the Himalayas and has anti-bacterial and euphoric active ingredients that soothe your skin which is then mixed with herbs and washed with distilled water. Similarly, Himalayan Pink Salt detoxifies the body and relieves stress. Holy Basil from the Himalayas is rich in Vitamin C, treats acne, and enhances skin luminosity.

Our scrub touches your sense of smell first with the musky aroma of Rhododendron and herbs right after opening the jar, giving you a therapeutic start right from the beginning. When applying, you need to wet your face first, gently take the paste, and start rubbing evenly in a circular motion for one to two minutes. After applying, you can gently rinse it with warm water. The scrub will leave your skin refreshed and baby smooth. For best results, you can follow this routine twice a week, and if you live in a pollution-prone place, once a week is more suitable. 


Exfoliate on Body (Upper Arms, Legs, and Thighs)

Most people only focus on facial scrubs when exfoliating. They tend to ignore the body, but our scrubs are made for both face and body so that you can also give much-needed attention to your body parts. For example, when exfoliating our body, we often tend to forget the thighs, which results in strawberry legs, and an accumulation of heavier dead skin cells. Use our Holy Basil Face and Body scrub once every week for Arms, Legs, and Thighs to naturally detoxify and smooth skin. You can also use our gentle scrubs when you shave across delicate areas like bony feet, ankles, and knees. 

Best practices for Exfoliation After-Care: Exfoliation is not the end procedure for taking care of your skin. After exfoliation, give your face and body skin a gentle massage with our Juniper massage oil. Extracted from the Himalayas, juniper has a cleansing and purifying effect on your skin and mentally and spiritually. The massage oil base is Almond, rich in Vitamin A and E, which helps keep your skin young and healthy. While massaging, be mindful to avoid direct eye contact. Self-massage relaxes your skin and benefits the skin in many ways, such as making your skin muscles tighter, clearing accumulated impurities, and promoting lymphatic drainage. You can also opt for our wintergreen massage oil if you want to be relieved of body aches after a gentle exfoliation process. Made by extracting a wintergreen leaf from the Himalayas, mixed with hemp seed and apricot oils soothes your inflammation, boils, and joints and leaves your skin healthy and relaxed. 

We hope this blog comes in handy when you think about a proper skincare exfoliation regime. At Asali Himali, we believe skincare should be accessible to everyone and shouldn't come at the cost of harming mother earth. Therefore, all products include ingredients that coexist with nature and are best for your skin. 


Note: Asali Himali's products are made with natural and organically derived ingredients from the Himalayas. We always recommend the discontinuation of use of our product in case of any irritation and consult a doctor. This can help prevent any allergies to a particular ingredient or ingredients in our products.