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Once upon a time, everything was Naturally Organic, use Asali Himali and bring back that time.

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Asali Himali is “Himalayan Natural” where our products are 100% Natural & Organic all the time, under all circumstances, and in all aspects, all the way from planting to processing to packaging. Try Himalayan Natural Asali Himali and FEEL the Power of Nature coursing through your BEING. The highest altitude zone of the world is the natural keeper of the wild earth beneath it. Towering around and beyond 5000 feet above sea level and isolated from human settlement and industrial wastes, no trace of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and heavily processed ingredients are present on the Himalayan soil. Due to the rarified air, the unfiltered sunshine, the mineral rich pristine streams and the high altitudes, most bacteria and viruses don’t survive in the Himalayan atmosphere.