How To Protect Your Face While Wearing A Mask

Covid-19 and pollution-prone environments have necessitated the use of masks anytime, anywhere. This has positively impacted our health but posed an adverse risk for our face’s skin. So, in between mask-wearing, how can we ensure we are not risking the health of our skin? In this blog, we will learn a few steps that will help us to protect our faces while wearing a mask. 

First, wear your mask correctly. We tend to wear masks too tightly to protect ourselves from pollution and viruses, but the mask can result in cuts, clogged pores, and damaged skin if worn too tightly. You are also likely to transfer germs from your mask to your face when it is poorly fitted. In general, ensure your mask is appropriately worn and that your mask’s fabric is not made with synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and rayon. Instead, use a mask made with silk which will help to reduce Maskne

Maskne? Acne emerging from wearing too much mask is called maskne. Give your skin a break by removing your mask for 15 minutes every 4 hours. Wear a soft fabric mask where possible, as these are less likely to cause friction. Changing disposable masks or washing reusable masks regularly. Wash your reusable mask after every use to remove dead skin cells and oils collected inside the mask. Use fragrance-free detergent and avoid fabric softeners. And finally, check in with your dermatologist for advice if symptoms of your maskne are severe.

Another critical step is to wash your face before and after wearing a mask. Use a gentle face wash to clean your face as a harsh face wash can cause the skin to burn or irritate. Suppose you are looking for a mild face wash. In that case, you can use Asali Himali’s face wash, which has tri-blend care (Spikenard, Juniper, and rhododendron), especially for acne and skin scars. If your skin experiences harsh breakouts or rash, the best option is not to use chemical-laden skin products. 

Besides avoiding toxic chemical-infused products, don’t wear makeup under a mask. Mask already puts your face’s tissue to sweat. In addition, if your face has heavy makeup on, the mask creates a suitable environment to breed bacteria, causing your skin irritations and rashes. If makeup is a must, use products that label themselves “oil-free” or don’t clog pores. 

Additionally, exfoliating your face mildly once a week helps remove all the accumulated dirt and impurities from your face. If you wear a mask at all times all week, then it is highly recommended for you to exfoliate your skin. To know more about exfoliation, check out our previous blog by clicking here. You can use Asali Himali’s Himalayan herb-infused face and body scrubs formulated with the goodness of Rhododendron and Holy Basil. These scrubs wash away all the impurities and moisturize your skin. 

Cut back on skin-irritating products, as wearing masks can make your skin sensitive already. Check the products you are presently using routinely; it may be hampering your skin. 

Times are trying in today’s world where epidemics and pollution have grappled everyone worldwide. We hope there will soon be a time when we can live on a COVID-19 and pollution-free healthy planet. Till then, follow the above tips, choose chemical and plastic-free products and take care of your skin while you take mandatory precautions by wearing a mask.