Damaged Hair? Consider These Products For Hair Care As A Rescue.

Is your hair thinning or has split ends and grays? Has your hair growth remained stagnant or slow over the years? Does your hair fall a lot or break easily? If the answer is yes, these are the signs that your hair is damaged, and you need to get started with hair treatments for damaged hair. 

Hair goes through many rough and challenging situations, such as everyday exposure to harmful UV rays, pollution, chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners, and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. This negatively impacts hair as the cuticle develops cracks. When the cuticle damage reaches the hair's cortex, the damage exacerbates and leads to breakage, extreme hair fall, and eventually baldness. 

So what are the best hair treatments for damaged hair? Before starting with the hair care regime, here are the top 5 habits to avoid for achieving healthy hair. 


1. Chemical Infused Products For Hair Care 

While we think hair care products used by our favorite actors or models in the advertisements we see are best for us, they might damage hair more than they do good. From shampoos to conditioners to styling gels, we use many products on our hair daily drawn by clever label claims and marketing gimmicks but using products with chemicals subjects your hair to damage. Avoid hair products with Laureth sulfates, alcohol, silicons, and parabens. 

2. Frequent Washing Or Under Washing Hair.

Even if we have the right products for hair care, if we are using the hair care products the wrong way, that also leads to damaged hair. For example, our hair and scalp are exposed to pollution and harmful UV rays every day, so not washing hair over an extended time causes greasiness and clogs natural oil-forming follicles. Similarly, washing hair too frequently or too often strips off natural oils, resulting in a dry, scaly, and itchy scalp. 

3. Overuse Of Styling Equipment. 

While ensuring our hair to look best, we tend to use various styling equipment ranging from straightening iron rods to curlers that bring extreme heat, making the hair brittle and ultimately damaging the hair. 

4. Bleaching And Coloring Chemicals 

Everyone in this day and age loves to experiment with their hair. But unfortunately, bleaching, highlighting, and coloring make hair strands thin and weakens the hair from the roots leading to extreme hair fall. 

5. Harsh With Hair

Do you find yourself frequently brushing your hair? If you do, it might not be a good idea. Why? Repeatedly brushing hair sways natural oils in the scalp leaving the hair greasy. Another habit to incorporate is to be gentle while detangling hair. Always start from the ends rather than the roots and brush your way up. Tight hairstyles are another enemy to your hair as they pull the hair at the roots and prevent hair from regrowing, resulting in baldness. 

Now that you know what to avoid, here are our hair care products for your much-needed hair repair.

  1. Massage Your Hair

Before washing your hair, massage the scalp and hair with natural oils. For this, you can use our massage oils that improve blood circulation and stimulate strong and healthy hair growth.

  1. Himalayan Shampoo For Hair Care.

Switch to Himalayan shampoo for hair care infused with natural ingredients brought straight from the Himalayas to restore the damaged hair. For that, you can use Asali Himali's range of best shampoos for damaged hair. For example, Asali Himali's Nettle & Red Clay shampoo bar nourishes hair and strengthens hair follicles to maintain natural oils. Similarly, Neem and Lemongrass, two of nature's most loved ingredients, infused in Asali Himali's shampoo bar also soothe irritated scalp and reduce hair loss and dandruff. The shampoo bar also leaves a mesmerizing aroma in your hair after every wash. Additionally, an activated charcoal shampoo bar is also a great option as it detoxifies your hair roots from impurities and promotes healthy hair growth. Ideally, wash 2-3 times a week using Asali Himali's array of shampoos for best hair care.

  1. Hair Care With Himalayan Conditioners. 

Provide nourishment, lustre, and strength to your hair with Asali Himali's thoughtfully made Himalayan hair conditioners. Chamomile Hair Conditioner protects natural hair oils, prevents hair from graying, and strengthens hair follicles. If you have dry hair, Asali Himali's Hibiscus hair conditioner, specially made for dry-type, nourishes and moisturizes the roots leaving you shiny and beautiful. Harsh chemicals, pollution, and UV rays make your hair dry and brittle. You can use Asali Himali's Rhododendron Hair Conditioner, which helps increase hair volume and length and softens your hair. If you are pressed for time and want the solution in one go, use Asali Himali's Shampoo Conditioner Bar, a combo of shampoo and conditioner with Lemongrass to treat hair scalp and follicles and to improve the condition of your hair.

Each Asali Himali's products for hair care are equipped with restoring nutrients that help reverse the damage and rejuvenate the hair. Even with a small amount, all these products for hair care work well, lasting longer than any other hair conditioners. So, buy the one that suits best for your hair to treat the damaged hair. 

Remember, patience is key to healthy and nourished hair. Don't expect results overnight or even a couple of weeks; giving your damaged hair a daily dose of love and care is vital to revive its health. Then, add Asali Himali's simple treatment to your daily routine to be on track to bring your hair back to beautiful and better than ever.