What Is Surfactant? How to Choose A Plant-Derived Alternative?

We hate to break it to you, but dear reader, you have to know the shampoo you bought after watching your favorite actor take a big foamy, bubbly bath with the hope of getting lush, silky, shiny hair for yourself is just an illusion. In fact, that shampoo might cause you more harm than good. Most of the soaps at a retail store or pharmacy are harmful because most are made with ingredients called “Surfactants”. 

Surfactants, in simple terms, is a chemical-based surface active agents. We know that water and oil never mix, but surfactants help mix oil with water, thus creating foamy bubbles. Your shampoo, detergent, and soap create a foamy lather because of this chemical. Many popular commercial skin and hair care companies use this ingredient because it’s cheap and effective in generating foamy, dreamy appearances. 

In cream and lotion, the presence of surfactants helps spread liquid on a solid surface. It also works best to remove dirt collected from the environment that is stuck in both skin and hair mixed with natural skin oils. This detergency factor also made this ingredient used in washing powder and dishwashing soaps. 

When you use face wash, soaps, and shampoos with surfactants, it does give you a feeling that your skin or hair, scalp, and strand are squeaky clean. Still, unfortunately, it also has a drastic effect as it can heavily strip off natural hair and skin oils, making the scalp and skin dry and damaged. If your skin and hair’s oil barrier is affected, it can result in fine-line, acne, dandruff, slow hair growth, and even balding!!  

What do we do then? Is harsh chemical surfactant-made skin and hair products our only resort? DEFINITELY NOT! As an alternative to chemical surfactants, there is the availability of plant-derived natural soaps such as in our brand–Asali Himali. 

At Asali Himali plant derived shampoos, soaps, facewash, and conditioners are packed with dirt-fighting cleansing properties which don’t deplete the natural oils or compromise your skin’s health. 

Bodhi leaf is one of the alternative ingredients from which Asali Himali’s most of the skin and hair care products are made of. It is rich in Vitamin K and gently degreases your skin’s excess dirt and oil. So while it might not give an extreme foam as chemical surfactants do, it guarantees you are cleaning your skin in a gentler, more natural way without harming your skin’s natural oil. 

If you love a traditional bar, we also specialize in natural ingredient-infused soaps made with Aloe vera, Honey, and Shilajit to ensure you’re cleansing your skin, hair, and face while also boosting hydration. 

We at Asali Himali believe that a good skin product should not only clean but also should balance oil and remove debris that clogs pores; that is why our range of herbal skin care products are infused with the perfect alternative for surfactant, which is the Tri-blend of Himalaya Juniper, Spikenard and Rhododendron. 

We hope this blog helps you understand and shed some light on the dangers of chemical-laden harsh surfactants and gives you a choice to choose an alternative, plant-derived infused skin and hair care product.