Lemongrass And Hibiscus- Why Are They Good For Your Hair

Dear reader, hi, are you dreaming of getting healthy, conditioned, thick, and volumized dandruff and frizz-free hair? What if we tell you that you can now stop dreaming about healthy tresses because they can soon become a reality. By knowing the benefits of Hibiscus and Lemongrass, you can achieve the strong and healthy hair you have longed for. 

First, let's learn why Hibiscus is suitable for your hair. Hibiscus, a flower is known best for adding aesthetics, has more than its appeal as it has long been acknowledged for its hair care benefits for various issues ranging from dandruff to dry, damaged hair and, most famously, hair loss. In addition, ancient Ayurveda considers Hibiscus as one of the most renowned herbs for promoting hair growth. So did you know? Those bright and beautiful flowers in the gardens around you have extraordinary healing properties. If you didn't, fret not; this blog will tell you why Hibiscus is good for your hair. 


  • Natural conditioner 

Hibiscus has Amino acids (Keratin), making it a natural conditioner that efficiently nourishes the hair follicles, softens the hair, and makes it more manageable.  


  • Regulates Sebaceous Glands 

Sebaceous glands secrete an oily or waxy matter which lubricates hair. Hibiscus acts as a moderator that balances the activity of these glands to sustain the natural moisturization of hair. 


  • Restores Elasticity

Hibiscus acts as an ultra-emollient that traps moisture in your hair shafts and restores elasticity in your hair strands. In addition, its mucilage fiber prevents breakage and conditions your hair to make it silky and smooth.


  • Smoothens Frizz

Frizz is a significant problem if you live in a pollution-prone and humid city. And did you know that in the absence of moisture in the hair, the hair strands try to absorb moisture from the atmosphere, making hair more frizzy? So it is necessary to moisturize the hair strands well beforehand, and Hibiscus does the job perfectly. 


  •  Helps Hair Grow

Using shampoo and conditioner with hibiscus oil supplies crucial nutrients to the hair. Hibiscus stimulates the follicles to grow better, so you can let your hair grow longer and faster. Switching products with hibiscus oil can be a great option if you're fed up with hair loss problems. 


As Asali Himali's products are hundred percent Himalayan, all of our products are made from nature. Driven by this ethos, Lemongrass, also known as "Kagati Ghas" in Nepali, is another beautiful plant of nature that is a significant ingredient in major Asali Himali products. Unlike Hibiscus, Lemongrass doesn't have an aesthetic appeal, but in terms of hair benefits, it is coequal to Hibiscus. Here are a few points on why Lemongrass is suitable for your hair. 


  • Antimicrobial Compound

We may have heard about using Lemongrass essential oil in aromatherapy with its fresh, citrusy scent. However, it has equal participation in making health and beauty products. The Citral component of Lemongrass makes it an ideal antimicrobial compound. In addition, Lemongrass is packed with vitamin A and C and works hard to keep your skin and hair glossy. 

  • The Perfect Solution For Scalp Infection

Along with being an antimicrobial compound, Lemongrass also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect solution for scalp infestation and inflammation. Dandruff, in many cases, is a result of yeast or fungus infection or as a result of scalp psoriasis. The moisturizing benefits of lemongrass oil also help loosen up product build-up of dead skin cells, clarifying the scalp and thus preventing dandruff. In addition, lemongrass oil seals moisture in the hair cuticles, locking it down, so hair is hydrated for longer and not subject to frizz.

  •  Prevents Premature Graying

While embracing your grays is empowering to a great degree, many of us notice that our hair turns gray before its time. Premature graying can be due to various reasons, including genetic factors, poor diet, and other lifestyle conditions. It is due to the loss of hair pigment, usually due to a build-up of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, lemongrass oil promotes the production of melanin, thus restoring the hair's natural color.

  • Alleviates Oily Hair and Scalp

Lemongrass helps fight excessively oily scalp and hair. It also aids in reducing the production of excess oil on the hair and scalp while also adding a healthy lustre and shine. 

The herbal secret to perfectly conditioned hair lies in the essence of Hibiscus and Lemongrass. It cleanses your hair and scalp, gently restoring its balance and healthy growth while maintaining your hair's average PH balance. Regular conditioning gives you amazing silky hair that makes you want to run your fingers through them all day long.

Now that you know why these natural ingredients are great for your hair, wouldn't you like to give our lemongrass and hibiscus hair care routine a go and see its enriching benefits for yourself?